Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians

New homeowners come to Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians because the company is dedicated to providing high quality electrical work at affordable prices - they recommend Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians to their friends because they are thrilled with their new installation and the service that they have received. Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians specialises in customer satisfaction and knows what clients are looking for in electrical construction and a new shower or whatever. Every project and each home that the company becomes involved with is subject to the high standards of excellence that have earned the company its’ reputation for superior craftsmanship and excellent service. Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians consists of a team of individuals who work everyday to make sure that their clients’ future homes are constructed with the care and pride that goes into every one of our projects and with respect for the client’s perspective.

Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians is a solid family based business that believes in contributing to the community and providing clients with top quality electrical services. There are many members of our team all of whom work together to make your experience of building a home a very special one. Geoff mctavish is the president of  Cheltenham Electrician and makes sure that the company remains true to its standards while insuring complete customer satisfaction. Matt, Gary’s son, oversees the repairs division of the company. For a number of years, Matt was responsible for overseeing the construction side of the company and he still remains involved with the design of the electrical circuits as well as working with clients on their home building projects. Scott Beirness now acts as the building  Construction Supervisor and has responsibility for the daily site operations. Erin, Matt’s wife, is the person who heads customer service. She takes extra special care to make sure that clients are getting what they want and need from Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians. Jerome is also an important elements of the electrics Team, his role is taking care of the daily accounting and other office duties. Together with rest of the electricians team of trades and suppliers, they put all their energy into making sure that your new home is of the highest quality and meets your expectations.
Members of the Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians team are chosen very carefully as Gary and Matt believe that working with a highly skilled and professional team is essential to building a quality home. All of the trades and suppliers who are part of our electrical engineers team have been carefully selected for both their high quality and their fair pricing. By insisting on superior quality at fair prices, Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians is able to do electrical installations & repairs at an affordable price. Each member of the team upholds the McCann standards of quality, dependability, service. Many of the trades and suppliers have been working with our electricians for years and all are respected members of the team.

The company’s dedication to quality and serving their clients has been recognized. Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians has received and maintained an "excellent" rating from the Home Warranty Program as a testament to their high quality and excellent customer service. Matt  is also a registered electrician and in 1995, Gloucester & Cheltenham Electricians won the electrician of the Year award. Everybody at Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians works as a team to make sure that they build the best possible home for you. At each stage of the building process our planning team is making sure that everything is going on-schedule and as planned. Everything runs smoothly when you’re working with a team like McCann. You’re really be getting quality that you can come home to when your home is built by Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians. The McCann team has installed over 2000 electrical installations in the Gloucestershire area. We are behind the following subdivisions: matson, abbeydale, kingswood, quedgeley, longford, tewkesbury . The company has also been responsible for several successful commercial projects like the 8500 Square foot Equipment Repair Building and the construction of a 7500 square foot private hanger at Quedgeley.

Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians have never forgotten their ties to Gloucestershire and take pride in working in a great environment and bringing many jobs to Gloucestershire. we also sponsor the cheltenham Art Gallery, the local theatre, and a lady’s hockey team & Novice boys hockey team. In addition to community involvement, the company also remains involved in the construction industry. In 1985, Matt founded the gloucester and Area Home Builder’s Association and served as its first president. Matt believed that the association was something that was needed in the community and he got involved to make sure that it happened. He remains an active member of the association as he believes that being involved in construction organisations allows him to keep up-to-date on advances in building technology. He gains information that he can use to benefit his clients in terms of better built homes. Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians has been the answer for many families who were searching for a qualified electrician. The company’s solid reputation for superior quality, affordable pricing, dependability, and excellent service gives clients something that they can rely on. The McCann family has been involved in the construction industry since 1936, they have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer their clients. This knowledge and experience paired with their dedication to customer service has created a winning combination that sets new homebuyers minds at ease. When you choose Gloucester Cheltenham Electricians you are choosing a team of individuals who respect your hopes and dreams for your new home and who are dedicated to helping you realize those dreams.

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